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The Treasure in the Field

Digging to discover The Kingdom of God

Brian Watts

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The Treasure in the Field introduces us to the ultimate treasure hunt! It examines the clues that Jesus left when he told us to "Seek first the Kingdom of God" – a kingdom that he likened to treasure hidden in a field. The clues lead us to some unexpected places, but the treasure may be found. The search will cost us everything we have. But it's a bargain at the price!

The Treasure in the Field is written for those who have a desire to understand the teaching of the Bible concerning the Kingdom of God and a willingness to apply the Bible to present practical realities.

In Part I, the claims of the king are presented in such a way as to call for a response of obedience. In Part II, the promises of the kingdom are presented so as to encourage faith.

On a foundation of faith and obedience, Part III attempts to show that the message of the kingdom has practical relevance for every area of life. The chapters are not exhaustive, but merely illustrate specific applications.

The book concludes in Part IV with a call to relate the message of the kingdom to everyday life, and to bring all things into submission to the King.

    © Brian Watts 1995